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Strive to be better, live for the greater. Discover U app is designed to help you find areas of your life to grow in while also empowering and reinforcing your strengths.  Build a picture of your daily habits to find connections between the good and bad habits. Learn how to make and pursue daily goals while improving your daily relationships with others. Build new habits on the foundation of Biblical wisdom.


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Level up areas of your life using the wisdom of God's Word. Take control of your habits and gain xp points to conquer Life Branches. Discover daily habits that are limiting your spiritual success. Build/break habits by working through daily tasks, learning psychological pitfalls and the guidance of daily, Biblical wisdom.

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  • Faith Low!!! Please Connect Charger

    Faith Low!!! Please Connect Charger

    Fear can take many forms ( apprehension, skepticism, lack of confidence) but fear isn’t a force that can conquer anything. In fact, fear isn’t a force at all. Identifying your fears and wanting to conquer them is great but the mistake a lot of people make is trying to fight fear in the first place. Fear(…)


“Despite being the 5th richest man in the world, founder of IKEA lives in a small home, eats at IKEA and takes the bus.”-Uderfacts #humility

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Philophobia is actually the fear of being or falling in love.

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Don’t worship the reflection of the light. Worship the source. (“No man can serve two masters…”-Matthew 6:24)

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